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Website Design, Development & Hosting

Your website is often your first impression for a prospective customer. Are you putting your best foot forward?

But… do you have time to tackle that on your own?

Never fear – we can help!

We design and create beautiful, easy-to-use, and affordable websites that will make your business stand out. Best of all, we handle all the setup, maintenance, updates, and reporting for you.

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Common Questions

How much does a website cost?

Well… just like most things, the answer is “it depends.” The best way to get an answer is to contact us and have a short conversation about what you’re looking for. Then I can provide a detailed proposal of what we can provide and how much it would cost, both in up-front cost and on-going maintenance.

Rest assured, we can usually find a way to work within your budget by building in phases offering you different levels of service at different price levels.

How long does it take?

In our experience, most projects usually take 2-3 months.

That said, most of the time it is up to you. During the design & development process, you will need to be available to provide content and answer style questions. If you have a deadline, usually it’s possible to make that a reality with your help.

How do updates and changes work?

When you need changes made to the site, just drop me an email or give me a phone call. Since most updates are fairly straightforward, I will do my best to get them done within a day or two. Larger changes might require a little longer, and major changes might require an estimate (depending on what is involved).

On top of that, you get all core security updates, traffic reports and automatic backups, included in our flat monthly plan.

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